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Audio Visual
Two Rivers Convention Center offers an in-house audio/visual department that can accommodate all of your A/V event needs. We offer everything: tripod screens, projectors, a variety of microphones with house sound system, lighting and show décor. We also have audio/visual packages for conferences, making us the one-stop shop for small meetings all the way up to large conferences. No matter the type of event, we can help you get your point across with emphasis. Our proven customer service and comparable prices make our audio/visual department a must for your A/V needs during your event.

As always, there is on-site staff available to assist; we also have available an on-site technician if your event requires a dedicated technician to service your event.

Our “Bells & Whistles Goal” is to see to it that your guests can see the “bells” and hear the “whistles” at your event. We will see to it that your event runs smoothly and effortlessly.

Outside audio/visual suppliers are allowed in Two Rivers Convention Center to service your event; proper insurance certificate requirements must be provided prior to event.